A Brother

16 Feb

You are, to the people out there,

Like a serious person, who is not be able to get along. Hahha.

But when they’re getting close with you, I’m sure it is different,

Because we all know, you are,

A naughty person that loves to make jokes with everyone,

A good friend that can be asked to hang out with,

A great leader who can command us on programmes,

A strong man who can stand holding lots of responsibilities.

A good person who is always being nice to everyone.



You are, for me, more than all that.

Inasmuch as, you are,

A person I used to spend time the most with,

A person who is very polite to everyone,

A little guy who’s a pleasant his elders,

A really close friend who is able to bear with naughty spoof,

A friend to laugh and cry in few real moments,

A true friend who stays, even after he knows who I really am.


You’re, for me, 진짜,

Is a little brother that I don’t want to lay off,

Because we don’t know how time can change it,

Slowly it may change us,

From a best friend, to a complete stranger.


You and I,

I believe that one day it may comes,

That the time you’ll be awkwardly to say hallo to me.

If it really happens,

I’m not gonna let you know that I am surely will cry inside,


Do not worry much,

Because every second that I spent with you,

Will never be disappeared by time.

It will never be.

I promise.


If you read this, I want to say this to you,

“Thank you for forgiving me, and stay,

Even though I tried to push you away.”

I miss you, friend…

-Firdaus Azman. 9.46, 16/2/2016




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