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Mind Over Manners

30 Apr


I have a confession to make. Say what….?


Yea, this is not gonna be said to you or anyone, yet to my self.


Somehow we don’t realize, people are looking and have a deep mind for every single meaning of your words.


For the time when we don’t realize that our words may hurt people, or, giving wrong words to the people which they may negatively thought for wrong definition of our words.


By people who may thought that their words are just the normal words, yet those could be absolutely definitely different to the acceptances.

To whom I’m gonna put this blame to…?

Nobody. Or even it might be my bad. To myself.

Watch your words, or you might kill people.

and, before you might to kill people, so just

SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP ! -to myself

// unintentionally crime is not an offence. Yet when it looks like your fault, no matter how, you still are the CRIMINAL. Guilty until proven innocence.

I choose to remain silent . That’s it.

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