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Love Chemistry

14 Feb

“I recently read that love is entirely a matter of chemistry. That must be why my partner treats me like toxic waste.”

– Unknown author.


Growing up… It’s 20 !

5 Feb

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Yeah today’s my lucky day! I don’t know… I was non-stop replying every single post on my Facebook wall, wishing me have a great year together with du’a for Allah’s blessing. I don’t know how to say it. Initially I was hope that it will be just nice, and normal. But then when it comes to tens of wishes and du’a make me feels… (still.. I don’t know how to express it in word). Obviously I’m very impressed with that! Nobody doesn’t happy when people pray for your life…

Yet, suddenly I got a message in my ‘inbox’. It’s very long and full of words of naseehah and expressions of having me as a friend. Incredible!

Capture That was very long speech and I am appreciate it! Thanks :)

More impressive, I got few text messages from my schoolmates which I believe they are the people who’re love to appreciate friendship (even me don’t do this). Oh my~

At the quiet and lovely night when I was replying all those text messages, it was very funny when suddenly there’s a guy sent his wishes by ended up it with the word (*Muaahhh!!!) What?! So then, I replied it with ‘something’ and he text me no more. (giggling at that time) hehee

Last but not least, I enjoy having the moment where suddenly lots of people wish and pray for a good life of journey to me for this year and my future. Thanks a lot.

~Sweet 20~

BeFunky_06022011254  Birthday cake 2011…


Doctor says……

3 Feb


“My work was about helping living, breathing, hurting people. How could I ever forget that?”

RD, November 2005


With… – Budak baik

3 Feb

With... - Budak baik

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