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Question Marks

17 Jan

“Ohh this is disaster!!! How to overcome this…. 😥 A lot of tasks, assignments, paperwork for programs…. Please anyone do help me!!!”

In trouble? So to whom you refer to? ”I’ve lots of friends…

” Did they’re always be here for  you? Quite sometimes…, but till when? Sure. A lot of friends, so just ask them for help, isn’t that difficult?

“You know what, it is not only you have a lot of things to do. Mine is more difficult than you. Go away!” So that is how you may be treated after several times of ‘asking for help’.

So, who else do you have? Your parents? If I ask you, did they don’t have something to do for the job and works? Of  course they have, even more than you.

Those are just an example. Actually it depends on situation, but it could be true.. Meanwhile we have to get prepared for any circumstances which may happen to us in any time. Isn’t it?


Hi. Peace be upon you, Assalamualaikum..~ :)

So in this ‘episode’, I would like to write about something which it may look hard to make it, but believe me you can do that in a simple way.

Yea sure, it is about “How to always remember Allah”. Is it hard to do that? Some may say that, “Well, it is not that hard to do that. I also can do that lah.”

Well, listen up. Apart from performing prayer, when was the last time you do that? Five times per day, it is good. But apart from that? And how far do you think that it is enough for you REALLY remember to God? Plus, if you are really so, that is what we call it ‘khusyuk” in performing prayer.

“I am used to say ‘Subhanallah’, ‘Alhamdulillah’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’. That is how for me to show that I always remember my Lord.”. You know it won’t give any impact or effect if it’s not come together by sincerity and the meant of praised.

Ok just move on. Let’s do some suggestions I had think about. What if you try the ‘consistency’ of things that you do into different kinds. For example, try to make it in other language like says ‘Praises to God’, God the Almighty’, ‘God please do forgive me’ and so on. Instead of you say something which not make you feel into it, rather than that, why don’t we try that? Don’t it gives you a different spirit of saying all that? Plus, it makes you feel more impressive worship to God. It depends on you. If you know Korean, then apply it, as well as if you feel more comfortable to use in Japanese, just go ahead. It is not wrong but it could be fantastic!

Why? You can think by your own. Simply to say that it is because of it brings you something different and interesting which attract yo to do so together with Zikrullah.

So when you are in trouble, the old or traditional way may no longer attach you and it quite boring to do the same thing through out this life. I want to again stress it off, to say that it is not wrong. It is legal, as long as you use that for the good path.

In conclusion, firstly put your trust to Allah on everything, instead of ‘begging’ for people to help you. Secondly, in order to let you feel bored, make so changes. Lastly, don’t worry. If you do something for Allah or ‘Lillahi ta’ala‘, Allah will sure be with you and everything happen will be smoothly going through…

Make something interesting, and you will feel that spirit to do it more!

And that’s all from me… :)


So this is just my opinion and I hope that nobody would condemn me…


Oh My Friends

11 Jan

Assalamualaikum, peace be on you =)

So this time I would like to give a tazkirah(suddenly~),  just wanna write about something which related to us about adab(manners) towards people, between you and I, between me and you (same, isn’t it? hhaha), between anybody to anyone and so on… This topic was actually just pop-up from my mind to say that I have something to talk about friends, so here we go!

First of all, if I ask you what can you describe or what’s the meaning of the word ‘friends’? Are you going to say, ‘people, or he/ she, or somebody or someone, or anyone that we think we know…’. Just know? OR somebody who are special for to, to say that he/ she is your friend?? ANYTHING. Just describe it with your own ideas~

So for anything or anyhow, for whatsoever are the meanings, in general I can say that ‘Friends’ are people who are around us, people who we can interacting with, having discussions and so on.

Then, as a friend which specifically they are around us we need to have adab or having good manners when you talk to or communicate with them, to each other. So, why this is very important?

(I don’t know how to start it…) I had an experience where there was a friend of mine say ‘something’, and for me it was such a cruel word. Know what, he dared to say, “Hmm, macam mana nak tahu kalau tak datang meeting sebelum ni..~”, so it is just because I was not attending the meeting before, then can he simply says that?! Ok it may be true, but could you please be more polite…? Don’t you have manners?

So I wondering had he ever thinking what would the person’s feel when he say something like that? Well, you may say that it is pretty normal to have such that friend, but as saying goes “People are not you.”

Anyway, I’m a blue type person. So possibly can say that this type of person is easily to feel ( as we called it) “touching” (homaigod!) even it may be accidently or not your intention to hurt people’s feeling. Here I’m not talking about myself or even my type of personality etc…, but when we talk about adab, it is about everything! It is about the way how you treat your friends, or your behaviour towards them, or the way how you interact with them.


For me personally, I don’t really mind to have such that friend. Doesn’t mean when I say this, I hate to be friend with you. I love to be friend with you, just it is not necessary to treat me as your friend such that kind…. Hmm…

Thend~ (the combination of ‘The’ ‘End’ = ‘Thend~’) hhahaha

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