Loosing One

18 Feb

Lepaskan. After all, this is what is going to happen.

Mulut cakap lain, hati cakap lain. Tak “congruent”. That is what the majority of counselling students would say. For me, the way that brings out are the one that should be prevail than what is the inside. Isn’t that the judgement is based on what is showed, something that we can prove by the way it happen, rather than looking at what is the inside. Kau benci perasaan ni tapi kau tak mampu nak cakap what you’re really feel dekat dalam. This is not going to settle this problem. The action you do is what orang pandang.

For example, someone is prosecuted for murder, and will be punish according to law for the crime he act. They don’t really see the fact that the criminal was doing so (murder) because the victim had once rapped his girlfriend. The fact is that, the act he done is he killed a person. And the judgement will be based on that.

It can’t be mean that when you care on someone, you need to show your concern to them. Let’s stop doing such thing if it gives you that unpleasant feeling. Ignore them. Look further and never turn back. Sometimes, you need to let them off and forget everything bad they’ve done to you. Sampai bila nak sakit hati? Pedih.

“Why we can’t be as…” NO. Stop it. Stop looking at it, stop considering the kindness. For how many times you want to suffer because of this? Stop. Just stop.

Time can heal this pain. This is true. Banyakkan berlapang dada. Pray, and pray, and pray. Stop looking at the reason why you should get back. There are a lot of ways you can do to cure this pain and get out of this suffer. Google je.

Penat lah. Penat.

Firdaus Azman. 8.25 AM, 18/2/2016


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