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11 Dec

Undang-undang perlu wajar? Ia tidak semestinya wajar.

Disposing of chewed bubblegum in public is a $600 fine. (Thailand)

The state law of Pennsylvania prohibits singing in the bathtub.

A man must have a permit to shave. (Missouri)

… and so on.

Adil? Itu perlu, selari dengan syariat.

Kebebasan? Aku pandang dari sudut kebebasan pemerintah dalam pemerintahan, tidak pada kebebasan rakyat dalam bersuara, as long as both parties are okay with the matters. Cth, Islam di Malaysia: Penyebaran agama selain Islam is illegal, etc..etc.. and anything they believe that those things regarding Islamic matters are unfair, unjust.

So? This is Malaysia. We’re going to ‘Islamize’ people, propagation of Islam, the main concept of being moslem guy, NOT to liberalize fikiran Muslims and being secular, or seems secular.

Back to the main thing, and also as conclusion for that, shall undang-undang sepatutnya wajar? Nope. Adil? Yep. Kebebasan? Not really…


Stated in our ikrar as moslem guy, in SOLAT, Everything I do is for God sake.
So this is Malaysia, and, does Allah redha apa yang aku buat ni..? And these are my personal opinions.

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