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Jesus? Israel? Why???

18 Dec


When I said: “I love Jesus” people assumed me that I’m gonna be a Christian,
when I said: “I love Israel” people assumed me gonna be an Israeli or Jews.
Jesus n Israel both are referring to Prophet Jesus and Prophet Jacob( which is also called as Israel), or Nabi Isa and Nabi Yaakub.

Doesn’t mean that when you use the word in English in terms of people names, then you’re gonna be kafir. That’s hilarious!(seriously)
Just because we use that kinda things doesnt this make u become a heathen…
Ridiculous! But if you say so, don’t u ever use the words Prophet, Apostle, etc because usually they use these (in english) to refer to their prophet.

Weird, weird, and weird.. Totally crazy about this~

# so sampai bila orang melayu nak maju kalau guna bahasa melayu? Orang INGGERIS faham ke kalau kita guna istilah melayu??
Believe me, less than 3% of malays do not to (or even doest have any intention to) do dakwah. Why?
#sebab apa? sbb org kita tak faham konsep atau the definition of dakwah itself! So apa itu dakwah? Dan apa pula itu tazkirah?

In simple words, erti sebenar dakwah adalah menyeru manusia mentauhidkan Allah, whilst tazkirah pula adalah peringatan sesama Islam.

So, dakwah,, have you already do that? Muhasabah ourselves….
p/s: let us start to understand our religion in other languages, for the purpose of dakwah

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