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Are you afraid of…

14 Feb

My religious books collection, and some other more dekat rak buku.
But there’s one of these, people are ‘afraid’ to look at it even the religious students aka ustaz-to-become.

Yep, it’s Bible.


Honestly, I hate to read Bible. It’s not about the contents, tapi tulisan halus halus yang ada dalam tu. So I more prefer to read it from the internet.

Well, for some people they are ‘afraid’ of facing this thing. Yet for me, by having a bit knowledge about other religion makes those my non-muslim friends close to me, especially the Christians.

By having research on internet, semua perkara jadi lebih mudah.
I’ve simply search the content of Bible which are parallel to Quran, and also things which are contrary to Quran in Bible.

It’s just like when you know something about other persons religion, they then are open to have a deep elaboration about their belief. Also when you have made some research (simply about the contradiction of Bible itself) and ask them, then dah buatkan mereka ragu ragu dengan agama mereka sendiri.

Sure, bukan setakat berhenti dekat situ sahaja but of course kaitkan dengan something which parallel to Quran. Let’s clarify tentang Islam dan Christian were coming from the same resources (sure people know this). Later, ask them to learn more about these both religion.

Yea, I’m not Benz Ali who have a so critical thinking about questioning Islam, but I do make use of his way to questioning the contents of Bible. Then you will find the ‘light’. A lot of contradicting from it.

Islam vs. Christian. Obviously Islam will prevail. Islam is the true religion, right? There’s no doubt on it.

I am a Muslim guy, and I’m not afraid of Bible.


“In case people think that I just read Bible. These are religious books and kitab-kitab Arab tentang Aqidah, Fiqh dan sebagainya”
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