11 Feb

I don’t really know what should I write this time. It is such a random post as well, since I’ve closed my twitter account for the purpose of “life”. As saying goes that life is a precious thing you have to appreciate.

Talking about signing out social media, why this is so urge to me? Why it makes me think that I’m appreciating my life by doing so? Well, I don’t know either.

As I could describe myself to know that I’m quite so into a healthy lifestyle, even it is not really work, my healthy journey, and approach to health. lol. And being healthy is not only about the dietary and consumption of food, the exercises, etc etc… BUT it is more on the lifestyle itself INCLUDING how do you manage your emotional abuse so it won’t going to affect others.

Haha I don’t know how to explain it. If you read this, go find by yourself.

So…. I’m starting to babbling around. I just.. I just don’t know what should I say. It should be randomly posted in twitter yeah, but since I’ve stop using it, this is where I will put everything off.

Lastly, whatever you are now, let’s make your life be in around of what God allows you to do. If only you believe to the existence of God. If you don’t, just do whatever you want. Always remember that people do not see what you are doing, but Allah and His kingdom are watching you.


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