Internet !!!

23 Jun

Why do I need internet?

Mostly for educational purposes, update news, ‘sharing-caring’, expression of ideas, etc.

The most used is Facebook. It almost have everything. News, current issues, political issues, sharing, arguing, etc.

Friendster, MySpace? No have with no purposes.

Whatsapp, WeChat? I do have, cuz it’s free. lol.

Twitter? Well, I did, following those public figure, some friends, etc. Update issues! That’s the main purpose. And dont even mind/care to let people ‘following’ me~ I come to people, to get news. That’s all.

Instagram? Have no any interest. Following people, especially ‘artist’ public figures who snapping out their feet, hand, nails, breast, foods, etc. For me, fb is all enough. (My view, no offence)

Web log (or Blog), my expression of ideas with long writing and many words. My English writing are most in there. English ‘essays’…

BBC, CNN, Al-jazeera, Google News are the most subjects to be referred to. Utusan? Failed. (again, no offence~) Sinar, Kosmo, these come to my house everyday.

// Well, it’s me,, I mean, with internet. lol. Freedom of expression~


One Response to “Internet !!!”

  1. Firdaus_Azman February 12, 2016 at 4:43 pm #

    Haha lawak gila ape aku tulis dulu. lol

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